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Renault Brilliance : to creat high quality products


In 2017, Renault Group and Brilliance Auto Group officially cooperated to integrate international standards and advanced technologies into brand development, aiming to create a brand new brand image of youth and diversity.

As a well-known brand in France, Renault has produced the world's first light commercial electric(LCV) vehicle and has been the No. 1 in the European light commercial vehicle market for 19 consecutive years.

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance is the world's largest auto alliance. As the “NO.1  brand” of China's LCV market, Jinbei ranks first in domestic light passenger production and sales for 19 consecutive years withnearly 1.5 million loyal customer base

Today, the Jinbei brand incorporates Renault's advanced development concept and shares global supply chain of Renault in accordance with higher quality management standards.

As the first MPV of Renault Briliance, Jinbei F50 has the characteristics of high quality, safety, low fuel consumption, etc. Jinbei F50 also provides security for family trips with international standard quality.

In the future, Renault Brilliance will expand its products from LCV to MPV and SUV under the Jinbei brand , strengthen the competitiveness of the market segments to fully meet the needs of customers , provide better services to more people and implement the revival of brand.