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Renault Brilliance heading for new era:Commited to leading global commercial vehicles market


On December 15, 2017, Renault-Brilliance-Jinbei Automotive Co., Ltd. (Hereafter referred to as Renault Brilliance) was officially established. Its naissance has not only brought far-reaching significance to the development of China's automotive industry bult also starup the development mode of co-growth of domestic brands and foreign brands.
Established in 1989, Jinbei is the leader in Chinese commercial vehicle market. Jinbei has been the sales leader in China's commercial vehicle market for 19 consecutive years. Now Jinbei has nearly 1.5 million loyal customer base with a market share of up to 75% and builds up a reputable brand image. Jinbei’s dealers have a nationwide coverage, and it is very capable in production and project implementation.

As the largest manufacturer of LCV with 120-year experience in Europe, Renault has been consecutively leading the European market for 19 years. Renault’s strength in R&D and technology is outstanding. Renault created LCV EV is advanced and professional at EV technology. Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance has been the largest auto alliance with powerful and professional management level in the world.

Renault Brilliance has created a new development model, which breaks the traditional distinction between Chinese and western joint ventures.Under this mode, the company makes full use of the advantages of Jinbei's market and channel, Renault's technology and management to achieve unified management and balanced development.
The Jinbei brand will expand from commercial vehicles to MPV and SUV markets,and introduce electric models. Master, Kangoo and Trafic under Renault brand will also be introduced into the Chinese market. As the first joint venture LCV product,  Master will be officially launched in 2020.
In the future,Renault Brilliance will build up its international brand image on four aspects: Specialization, Quality, Technology and Diversification. Efforts will be made to transform the joint venture company into a world-renowned leader of commercial vehicles, a leader of new energy commercial vehicles, and a leader of China's special commercial vehicles, thus changing the pattern of China's and even the world's commercial vehicle market.